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Trạm Kiosk

Compact Transformer Substation

1. Application and use:

The factory assembled compact substations can be used for the MV power supply of industry, residential quarter and other building complexes

2. Conditions of use:

The compact substation is stand-alone constructions with small dimensions. Erection and dimensions are so provided, that set up, operation and maintenance are without problems possible even on public sidewalks and industry areas. All operations can be done by opened doors in front of the station.

3. Basic data of station (depending on specification):

  • Ambient temperature: up to + 45 °C
  • Operation altitude: up to 1000m
  • Rated voltages: 15kV, 24kV
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Rated power:
  • Up to and including 400 kVA as CS-400 with oil insulated transformer
  • Up to and including 2000 kVA as CS-2000 with oil insulated transformer
  • Up to and including 1000 kVA as CS-1000 with oil insulated transformer
  • Rated short-time current: 16 kA – 20 kA/1 sec
  • Type of used components: air insulated or SF6 insulated switchgears (24kV)
  • Oil filled insulated transformers up to 2000 kVA
  • Protection class MV- / LV-room: IP 54 or IP42
  • Protection class transformer room: IP4X (natural ventilation or force air ventilation)
  • Operation: from outside; walk in not possible
  • Outer forces by impact stress on enclosure, doors, rock lever handles and ventilation openings acc. to IEC 1330 Annex C.

This station was in according to IEC 1330.

4. Housing construction:

  • The compact substations type CS-400, CS-1000 and CS-2000 are factory assembled and have MV-room, transformer-room and LV-room.
  • After connection of the MV and LV cables is the station ready for operation.
  • The housing is manufactured as metal-sheet bended constructions.
  • All parts are put on a U type rolled steel frame, it is used for supporting, lifting of the complete station.
  • A simple removable roof (fixing screws must be unscrewed in the transformer section).
  • Material and surface treatment:
  • Housings of CS-400 are made by galvanized steel sheet, thickness of 2 mm and painted by powder coated, thickness of coating > 70 mµ.
  • Housing of CS-1000 and CS-2000 is made by steel sheet of 2 mm for cover and 4 mm for frame as containers, painted by marine painting process, thickness of outer coating > 70 mµ.
  • Standard colour: light grey (RAL 7032)


  • CS-400: 2000W-4000L-1800H
  • CS-1000: 2500W-5000L-2000H
  • CS-2000: 2500W-6000L-2300H

5. Equipment possibilities:

MV-Switchgear: The installation of MV-switchgears is possible on both operating sides of the
compact substations. A combination of following switchgears can be chosen

  • SM6 or RM6 of Schneider
  • BMC switchgear

Transformer: Oil insulated transformer of ABB or EEMC or HANAKA or Q-Star
LV module:

  • LV equipment depending on customers request
  • LV power factor compensation up to 600 kVAR