Công ty CP Công nghiệp Bảo Minh Châu | Tủ bù công suất
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Tủ bù công suất

BMC offers a wide range of solutions for automatic power factor compensation for small and big needs. The PFC-systems can be delivered separately or integrated in the switchboards.

The condensators have pressure valves for safety and they are self-healing.

The busbar system has been placed in a completely separate compartment making the system safe to install and use.

Ventilation is considered carefully in our design to make sure that system operating well without any derating of capacity & working life.

The PFC-systems can be equipped with either electronic or microprocessor-based controllers for 6 – 12 steps. The maximum powers are 100kVar and 300 kVar for each unit.
By connecting several units together, can all compensation need be fulfilled.

BMC also has a complete range of power factor correction systems with blocking filters, which is solution for networks with harmonic waves resulting e.g. from use
of frequency inverters, where automatic power factor compensation with blocking filters is necessary.

The BMC has a cassette structure, where all the components for each step have been placed in a cassette. This solution results in an easily expandable system which is also easy to maintain.

General characteristics:

  • Standard: IEC 60439-1
  • Type Tested Assemblies:
  • Rated Insulation Voltag: 1000VAC
  • Rated Operational Voltage: 690VAC
  • Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage: 12kV
  • Degree of Pollution: 3
  • Rated Peak Withstand Current: 220kA
  • Rated Short-time Current: 50Hz
  • Degree of Protection: 630A
  • Segregation Form: up to 54
  • Metal Sheet Thickness: 2mm
  • External Surface Protection: Epoxy Powder Polymerized at High Temperature
  • Painting Thickness: more than 50 micro mm.
  • Standard Color: RAL 7032, 9002
  • Standard Dimension: 2100H x 800W x 1000D